CryptoChill SDK example

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Follow these steps to integrate Bitcoin payments using CryptoChill SDK:

  1. Include CryptoChill SDK javascript file:
    • sdk.js
      is 9.8 KB only (Gzipped). Served from AWS CloudFront (CDN).
  2. Add buttons with cryptochill-button class name and use following data attributes:
    • data-product="My Awesome Product"
      Specify product name.
    • data-amount="10"
      Specify payment amount.
    • data-currency="USD"
      Available values: BTC, USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD, CHF.
    • Optional:
      Provide any data that will be returned with callbacks. Can be JSON string.
    • VoilĂ ! You have successfully integrated Bitcoin payments!
  3. Initialize SDK using your Account ID and Profile ID parameters (can be found in Dashboard):
        account: 'YOUR_ACCOUNT_ID',
        profile: 'YOUR_PROFILE_ID'

Live examples: